Surgical Society Committee for the 2019/20 Academic Year

Honorary President - Professor Chetter

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and eminent academic, Professor Chetter acts as a mentor for the committee.


President - Olivia Bagley

Olivia is responsible for the overseeing of the society and committee members.


Vice President - Michael Clarkson

Michael assists the overall running of the society. 

Secretary - Dominic Shiels

Dominic manages the society's administration and is the main contact for external companies.


Treasurer - Yousif Baho

Yousif oversees the finance and is responsible for finding sponsorship for the society.


Events Lead - Clare Chown

Clare takes lead in organising various events that the society runs over the year.


Communications Officer - Angus McMillan

Angus is in charge of communicating to students about events that the society organises.


The following representatives work on supporting the committee with delivering events for specific groups:

Phase I Representative - Melissa Matthews 

Phase II Representative - Majd Al Bakry