Hull Surgical Society is a student-led society of the Hull York Medical School. The society was established to compliment the York counterpart in delivering sessions that enable students to explore a career in surgery. We work in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons.


Whether you are 100% certain you want to be a surgeon, or if you have never even considered the option, we have something to offer.


Our first talk of the year is entitled "Why be a surgeon?" and is open for all to attend. Over the year we host other inspiring talks from surgeons about surgical specialities, and interesting topics in the field.


To enhance your practical skills, our workshops tackle important surgical skills such as suturing and laparoscopy, and our educational sessions aim to help prepare students for any upcoming exams.


Membership to the society entitles you to free or discounted entry to our events - at £4 for the year, it is extremely worthwhile. Sign up here